This is Rupert.

“Oh, so this is Rupert,” you say. “But what is Rupert?” That's an excellent question. Rupert is a Seattle-based advertising agency with clients across the country. We do a whole lot of different things that can be broadly described as “storytelling” and “problem solving,” and we like to stick our noses into other people’s business. But it’s cool, because they ask us to. They’re like, “Hey, can you guys give us a hand with something?” And we’re like, “Totally. Sounds fun. Let's get started."

Please feel free to browse around, and if you see something you like, just let us know.

About Rupert

We might have mentioned this already, but it bears repeating: Rupert is an advertising agency. Of course, by “advertising agency” we mean that we apply creative thinkery to marketing problems. That might mean TV, radio or interactive advertising. Or perhaps website design. Maybe for you that means a new brand, logo or brochure. Direct mail? Why not? Maybe your problems could be solved through social marketing, guerrilla marketing or employing tiny monkeys to do your bidding. The point is, we’ll help you figure out what you need, and then we’ll figure out how to do it.

And we’ll have fun doing it too … as long as those
tiny monkeys behave.

Who is Rupert?

“Who is Rupert?” you ask, one eyebrow raised. We get that a lot. Short answer: Rupert is us. A team of curious and practical people who can be a bit nerdical.1 Rupert is a fun and challenging place to work. Rupert is a fake-moustache-wearing, smart-question-asking, creative-concept-thinking machine that runs on gushing praise and guava candies. But mostly, Rupert is a creative agency that loves to solve problems2 and make our clients happy.


1. Rupert has also been known to make up a word or two.
2. We also like that “loves” is an anagram of “solve.”


Rupert is easy to talk to. Just utilize one of the many contact methods shown below and we will happily converse with you on any number of subjects.

3606 Wallingford Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98103

Work for Rupert

Yes. That’s what we’ll say if you say, “Can I show you my portfolio?” We might not offer you a job (we’re a small shop and plan to stay that way), but we might. At the very least we’ll be nice to you and treat you like a person1.

1. Assuming you are a person and not a robot or an eagle, in which case we’ll treat you accordingly.


Rupert has worked on numerous projects for the University of Washington, including a series of television spots celebrating the institution’s 150th anniversary in 2011.


The first of three TV spots we created for the University of Washington. This spot, which aired nationally, shows the relationship between the UW and the region over 150 years of shared history.

Part of the 150th Anniversary campaign, this spot focuses on how Bill Boeing teamed up with the University of Washington to train some of the nation’s first aeronautical engineers.


University of Washington Medicine participated in the 150th Campaign with this spot about Dr. Shen and her incredible, sight-saving work with artificial cornea implants.

Groupon and Expedia teamed up and asked Rupert to create collateral to help sell the Groupon Getaways program to hotels and resorts around the world.

Intellectual Ventures reached out to Rupert for a wide range of projects, including sizzle videos, brochures, whitepapers, presentations and more.

And when Intellectual Ventures rebranded itself, Rupert helped the marketing team to roll the new brand out across all business groups.

TerraPower has developed an amazing technology that turns radioactive waste into energy. We evolved the company’s logo and gave it a new brand that would work in China.

Even consumer brand Seattle’s Best Coffee has to talk business sometimes. Rupert helps the National Accounts team to get the message out without compromising the brand’s unique voice.

The team at Seattle’s Best Coffee turns to Rupert for a lot of their Point of Sale work, including this menu and marketing support for their new drive-thru concept in Chicago.

Online, Rupert has helped Seattle’s Best Coffee give away more than 100,000 samples of coffee and attract almost half its total Facebook fans in just two weeks.

We’ve helped the Seattle’s Best Coffee retail team with special promotions in their stores, including these for summer 2012.

As Seattle’s Best Coffee is served in more locations, Rupert has been asked to help spread the word in Chevrons, Subways, Safeways, Costcos, Sam’s Clubs and more.

Schwartz Brothers Bakery asked Rupert for fresh ideas. Our favorite? A QR code that shows you exactly where your specific loaf of bread’s ingredients come from.

The Honeycomb Project creates volunteer opportunities for families with young children. We gave this great idea wings and a little yellow body.

Non-profits like The Honeycomb Project don’t have a lot to spend on fancy sites – but their sites need to work just as hard. 

The Desi Geestman Foundation helps the families of children with cancer. We helped design a site that was simple, friendly and direct.

Our neighborhood non-profit community center and coffee shop was hosting an open mic, and we just couldn’t resist.  Featuring local artist John Osgood.

Working with our friend, Dale Lantz, Rupert rebranded Highland Capital Management as Highland Private Wealth Management.

We designed a site that moves between pages as elegantly as it looks and built the site in JQuery so that it runs smoothly on both the iPad and the PC.

Nsansa is a consulting and coaching firm in Seattle that specializes in working with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Nsansa means “Joy” in Bemba.

In addition to designing the logo, Rupert created a suite of business papers and templates for Nsansa that would be appropriate for a wide range of audiences around the world.

Noah Tannen is our creative director, plant waterer and sock exhibitionist.

Tim Hubner is our graphic designer, ink maestro and baglero-in-residence.

Jesselle Benson is our project coordinator, gun expert and cheese monger.

Oliver Steppenstool is our altitude specialist and part-time seating assistant.

Peter Orr is our art director, puppeteer and amateur beard cultivator.